Youths from Río Alejandro visit Talleres Industriales

More than 25 youths from the «A Ganar» program toured the technical departments at Talleres Industriales.

As part of Talleres Industriales’ sustainability programs, more than 25 teenagers from the «A Ganar» program participated in the motivational talk titled “The Power of Education and Reading” offered by Engineer Rafael Arosemena, founder of Talleres Industriales S.A. During this visit, the teenagers from the program were able to see the ship repair process which included the areas of welding, coiling, lathe work, mechanical work, and warehouse, among others.

The group of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 14 also watched an informative video on the ships that Talleres Industriales repairs both locally and internationally.

During the visit, shop workers explained to the visitors important details of the work they conduct in the shop as well as on the ships. Over 200 workers have benefitted from these works, and most of these workers live in the City of Colon. In addition, they were able to learn about the new internship program offered by the company.

The teenagers also received an explanation about how Talleres Industriales S.A. grew and developed as a company with more than 46 years in the ship repair industry.

Talleres Industriales S.A., implemented high levels of safety during the visit of our local youths by halting activities such as moving heavy equipment or other activities that could be hazardous. Thus, we were able to guarantee the safety and protection of our visitors during the tour.

The neighborhood of Río Alejandro is considered to be a community at social risk due to the levels of unemployment, family disintegration, and high levels of violence. Authorities estimate that minors at an average of 12 years old are at high risk of joining gangs in their neighborhood.

In this context, the «A Ganar» program led by Professor Juan Carlos Mudarra, through his camps and soccer clinics helps guide and reinforce values as well as the learning process in these youth. It also focuses on the areas of entrepreneurship — reaffirming their abilities and strengths — and introduction to the work field.

Talleres Industriales S.A., reiterates its commitment to the youths of Colon, offering them the opportunity to learn more about the importance of staying in school and teaching them about values to drive them away from social pressures and violence.

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