Annual Conference of Executives CADE 2015

With the slogan: Logistics, plans for integration and modernization of Multimodal Logistics Center, the Panamanian Association of Business Executives APEDE, conducted in 2015 CADE Colon Province; Talleres Industriales was a main panelist, represented by its General Manager, Mr. Lino Arosemena.

As, Panama, the center of international convergence par excellence, and because the importance for our country logistical issue. CADE 2015 – Annual Conference of Executives, version deepened on N. 49th «Logistics, Motor Development in Panama and the region.»

With the participation of over 300 guests took place the panel: Services Maritime Integrated Multimodal Logistic Center, where Mr. Lino Arosemena presented his talk: The Key to Success: Education, explaining and stressing in this conference, his experience as an entrepreneur Colonense, thus reaffirming the «capacity of the worker and student native of the province of Colon. »

The professional and social ethics and the right to higher education, with constantly they train teachers. Inequality between education individual and public schools. Besides the right to opportunities as study and thrive, were some of the themes developed by Mr. Lino Arosemena in his speech, stressing that the most dignified manner satisfactory progress is based on the study.

This is an initiative, which takes place in Colon public schools and individuals, which supports the social vision for more than 45 years, Talleres Industriales SA, held in the city of Colon.

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