Directorate General for Ports and Ancillary Maritime Industries meets with Talleres Industriales Executives

Members of the Panama Maritime Authority met with Talleres Industriales executives with the purpose of strengthening cooperation and defining strategies to optimize services for the use of ports in the country. This meeting took place at the Talleres Industriales headquarters in the City of Colon. 

Panama Maritime Authority Administrator Jorge Barakat Pitty and Deputy Director of Ancillary Maritime Industries Guimara Tuñón participated in this meeting with Engineers Rafael Arosemena and Lino Arosemena, on behalf of Talleres Industriales S.A. During this visit, they addressed logistical issues such as the optimization of port services and quality that is offered to the users of the ancillary maritime industry, as well as the impact that the growth of the maritime sector has on the Ship Repair Industry.

Talleres Industriales’ role in the development of the community in the Province of Colon, offering work opportunities to its citizens and conducting social interest programs in coordination with nearby schools and thus benefiting a great number of children and youths in Colon was also highlighted.  

The members of the Panama Maritime Authority took the opportunity to conduct a tour through different areas and departments at Talleres Industriales S.A. In this tour they were able to see how the work is done at the plant in terms of welding, lathe work, mechanical work, among others.

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