Talleres has implemented all health and safety protocols to continue serving our clients safely during this COVID19 pandemic.

Talleres Industriales, the leading commercial diving company in Panama, marks a half century of performing ships repairs and maintenance services  below  and above the waterline, on both  ends of the Panama Canal and in Central America,  offering  the  highest  quality  standards. 

Talleres Industriales’  Diving  Division  uses the latest underwater hull cleaning  technologies, offering our customers the  HullWiper  ECO Friendly  ROVs,  which  employ  waterjets,  to  diversify  our range of services, providing our customers with a green solution for the sea and a reduction of the carbon footprint.

Talleres’ Diving Division complies with the international diving safety global standards, after the implementation of a Diving Safety Management System, and works also with the standards established in our own diving operation safety manual.

With  these  new  upgrades we reiterate our commitment to provide ship repair services at an international level, while meeting  the  highest  standards  of  quality,  safety, punctuality  and  applicable  requirements  (to even exceed our clients’ expectations), through highly qualified personnel and constant improvements,  implemented on a daily basis, maximizing  the  benefits  to  our  clients,  our employees  and  our  community.  

Our diving station specializes in:

• Underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing.

• Underwater Repairs

• Underwater CCTV / Photography – Class Approved.

• Underwater Drilling / Welding / Cutting / Blanking / Sealing.

• Salvage