Public School and University Professors Visit Talleres Industriales Facilities

More than 360 professors attended a talk about the importance of education.

With the purpose of supporting the neighboring communities, Talleres Industriales through Engineer Rafael Arosemena, motivated the professors of the main educational centers in the City of Colon.

The teachers also visited the facilities of Talleres Industriales where they were able to learn about the work that is carried out by the company. They were welcomed by part of the personnel who explained the duties of each area of the company.

The purpose of this type of activity is to support teachers by guiding them toward a fair and dignified educational system for our children and youth of Colon.

Two advertising spots were presented which had a main theme of right to an equal education for all Panamanian children and creating awareness about the damage that is inflicted upon students every time there is a teachers’ strike.

The Benigno Jiménez Institute, the Abel Bravo School, Juan A. Henríquez School, IPTC Institute, Rufo Garay, the USMA and UDELAS, received the benefits of this program.

Talleres Industriales S.A. reaffirms its commitment to the youth of Colon and to offering them the opportunity to learn more about the importance of education and values to keep them away from social pressures and violence.

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