300 children played for the Talleres Industriales Cup this summer of 2016.

Vaticano, 8th Street and 10th Street took home the trophies.

The first Under-11 Soccer Tournament came to a close as part of the sustainability activities carried out by the Colon Police Zone along with Talleres Industriales S.A.

To celebrate this initiative, children from all the streets in the center of the City of Colon participated in a great walk. The walk began in 16th Street and Central Avenue where the children carried balloons and handkerchiefs and called out to the community to strive for peace and solidarity between communities by using sports as a means of transformation and change.  

The group of children between the ages of 9 and 11 played in two courts that were adapted for the tournament and located in the Colon Police Zone headquarters located at 11th Street and Melendez Avenue.  

This Preventive Community Unit of the National Police is made up of personnel that have been trained to mediate in the communities by performing peace keeping tasks. This unit has been implemented in the City of Colon with dynamics and activities designed to protect children and teenagers from the dangers on the streets, always looking to educate and instill values in them.

The initiative, which also had the element of motivational talks offered by Engineer Rafael Arosemena, founding member of Talleres Industriales S.A., allowed the creation of appropriate avenues for children, teenagers, and adults to value and promote a culture of personal improvement in their neighborhoods. Talleres Industriales S.A. thus promotes the creation of values that contribute to consolidating the participation and solidarity of the communities in which it participates.  

The province of Colon is considered a community at high social risk due to the levels of unemployment, family disintegration, and high levels of violence. Authorities estimate that minors at an average age of 11 are at high risk of joining local gangs.


Within this context, the program is aimed at orienting, reinforcing, and strengthening values as well as the learning abilities of these children and teenagers in areas of self-esteem, reaffirmation of abilities, education, and reading.

Talleres Industriales S.A. reaffirms its commitment to the youth of Colon and to offering them the opportunity to learn more about the importance of education and values to keep them away from social pressures and violence.

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