TALLERES  new  COVID-19  Disinfection Division  has received the license and approval of the Panama Maritime  Authority,  to  service  the marine industry at both sides of the Panama Canal.  During these  unprecedented  times  of  world  crisis,  Talleres  has  invested  on  several  disinfection  and sanitation methods. Depending on the equipment, location, and size of the area to be treated, our  disinfecting team will advise the right type of cleaning/disinfecting protocol for your case.


One  method will nebulize disinfectants (approved by the Ministry of Health) after a deep cleaning of the  involved  areas.  This method is  used in open contaminated areas such as the deck of ships, crew boats,  bunker  barges,  as  well  as terminal  facilities and warehouses. Another method will be ozone disinfection / sanitation,  accomplished  through  the  use  of  certified  ozone  generators,  which will spread  the  gas  to  hard-to-reach  areas,  such  as  corners  and  tight  spaces.  This  method  is  highly recommended  for  ship  cabins,  crew  boat  cabins  and  administrative  spaces,  when  there  are  no

persons or animals present.


However,  COVID-19  is  not  the  only  threat  onboard;  our  service  also  solves  your  unsafe working environmental  hazards,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  mold,  fungi,  bacteria,  bad  odors,  cigarette stink, and chemical smells in closed spaces. This new service offered by Talleres will guarantee a clean and disinfected environment to our partners, clients, and workforce during these challenging times.

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