Hullwiper works with high-pressure seawater and is part of the new equipment that Talleres Industriales has acquired. The Hullwiper works by means of a control mechanism operated by specialized technicians who control the movement of the robot, which preserves the ship’s coating, removing and capturing at the same time the invasive marine organisms that adhere to the hull. From this moment our customers can clean their vessels safely and take care of the environment, at the same time saving fuel and reducing emissions, thus preserving our ecosystem. Diver-free, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for underwater hull cleaning. Nonstop operations (24/7) at Balboa Anchorage.

Eco-friendly, safe, and affordable Hull Cleaning Cost-effective solution for underwater Hull Cleaning:

  • No damage to the antifouling paint. Longer life.
  • Fouling capture for disposal ashore. No damage to the coating.
  • Nonstop operations 24/7 at Balboa Anchorage.
  • Diver free.