Civil Engineering Students visit Talleres Industriales

As part of the sustainability programs conducted by Talleres Industriales SA, more than 25 students of the fourth year of Civil Engineering Maritime, from International Maritime University of Panama,

visited the offices and the workshop of the company, where they met detail infrastructure and services offered by this company to the more than 1,400 ships annually repaired.

During the visit, technicians and engineers explained to students, procedures and importance of each of the areas for successful ship repair. Engineer General Manager Lino Arosemena Talleres Industriales SA development issues repair services offshore, and explained how each of the partners brings their utmost to solve the biggest and toughest jobs.

Talleres Industriales SA is a company that has skilled exported to over 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, helping customers around the world work.

For his part, Engineer Rafael Arosemena, founder of Talleres Industriales SA, spoke about the philosophy of community reinvestment, which are benefited more than 400 local families directly involved in the group. He also presented some of the sustainability programs running the company as: improving and cleaning the parks of the province, with the participation of children in the community. Remodeling and equipping of schools, environmental initiatives such as tree planting, and campaigns against Dengue. Sustaining, thus their responsibility Colon and country.

During the visit, Captain Justo P. Reyes Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Marine, presented a plaque of appreciation to Talleres Industriales SA for their support to academic activities developed by the International Maritime University of Panama. Talleres Industriales SA It works with a long-term vision, building trust, pro activity and maximizing the resources of its customers in an honest and fair manner. Reached a screening and positioning internationally, satisfied customers have made industrial workshops, the number one choice in terms of ship repair. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, industrial workshops, a Panamanian company, serving the world.

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