2nd tournament, cup Talleres Industriales s.a.

As part of the sustainability activities developed by Talleres Industriales S.A., it inaugurated the Second Sub 11 Soccer Tournament, Copa Talleres Industriales.

To celebrate this initiative, children from all streets in the center of the City of Colón participated in a great walk. The tour started at Calle 16 y Central, where the children called on the entire community to achieve peace and solidarity between the different streets of the city.
There are 20 teams of 15 players of the category Sub 11 and ten teams of 15 players of the Sub 9 category. This group brings together more than 450 children, belonging to the 16 streets of the city of Colón. The same began on January 17, 2017, and will end on February 24 of the present.
This initiative contemplates the dynamics of motivational talks and values dictated by the Engineer Rafael Arosemena, founding member of Talleres Industriales S.A.
This activity has as main objective: to guide, reinforce and strengthen the values, as well as the learning of these children and young people in areas of personal esteem, reaffirmation of skills, education and reading. Talleres Industriales S.A., reaffirms its commitment to the young people of Colombia, giving them the opportunity to share this summer with their families.

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