Our marine technicians can perform services ranging from minor on-board services to complete overhaul of machineries. We perform mechanical repairs on any type of main diesel propulsion engines and auxiliary engines. We have worked with MAN B&W, Sulzer, Wartsila and other types of engines. We also have specialized personnel to overhaul all brands of turbo charges as well as Oil-in-Water Monitors and Systems. Our company is equipped with a dynamic balancing machine with a 5-ton capacity.

We are the service agent for Deckma (Germany ) and Makita (Japan) in Panama. Our experienced factory-trained engineers can respond to any specification and requirement with technically solid solutions 24 hours a day.

We offer competitive rates, quality service and fast response. Our shop is equipped with precision machinery for the repair and reconditioning of most marine and industrial equipment including pumps, valves, heat exchangers, diesel engine components, compressors and the machining of all ferrous and nonferrous materials to requested tolerances.

We consistently achieve high quality results because every project is performed having the owner of the vessel in mind as a partner and not as a client.

Contact Address

Talleres Industriales, S.A.

Av. Central Cl. 16

Colón, Panamá

Phone: +(507) 433-9500

Email: talleres@talleresindustriales.com

About Talleres Industriales

With our fully skilled and internationally trained workforce, state of the art workshops and work boats, Talleres Industriales has become one-stop-shop for all type of afloat and underwater inspections and repairs on both sides of the Panama Canal. We attend an average of 800 to 1000 ships annually on 24/7 basis.