Our shop is capable of manufacturing any critical engine part, rotating equipment or gear in record time. We keep a large stock of materials to meet our customers' needs. Our shop is equipped with different sizes of lathes, milling machines, bending machines, hydraulics press, drill press, shapers, metal cutting saw, compressors, balancing equipment. Our Machining department is ISO quality approved and can guarantee our customers a reliable service 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.




Contact Address

Talleres Industriales, S.A.

Av. Central Cl. 16

Colón, Panamá

Phone: +(507) 433-9500

Email: talleres@talleresindustriales.com

About Talleres Industriales

With our fully skilled and internationally trained workforce, state of the art workshops and work boats, Talleres Industriales has become one-stop-shop for all type of afloat and underwater inspections and repairs on both sides of the Panama Canal. We attend an average of 800 to 1000 ships annually on 24/7 basis.