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Colon Maritime Investor Zone
Av. Central Cl. 15,
Colón, Panamá
Phone: +(507) 433-9500
Corregimiento de Ancón
Ave. Arnulfo Arias Madrid
Barrio - Comunidad de Diablo
Teléfono: (507) 315-0388.


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Santos Melgar
Diving Division Manager

+507 6112-0229

Milagros Martínez
Commercial Department
 +507 6112-8334 
Raymond Pitty
Commercial Department

+507 6112-8320

Technical Manager
+507 6112-0047
Guillermo Rosina
Senior Project Manager Cristobal

+507 6112-0051

Sr. Project Manager Industrial Division

+507 6112-0054

+507 6005-6954

Victor Vargas
Welding Manager
+507 6612-4735
Rodrigo Lara
Senior Diving Supervisor
+507 6112-2573  
Amir Avila
Lifeboat Service Engineer
 +507 6112-9231
Natalia González
Operations Coordinator
+507 6112-0302


Elliot Mosquera
Commercial Department

 +507 6040-2362

+507 6090-0041










Contact Address

Talleres Industriales, S.A.

Av. Central Cl. 16

Colón, Panamá

Phone: +(507) 433-9500


About Talleres Industriales

With our fully skilled and internationally trained workforce, state of the art workshops and work boats, Talleres Industriales has become one-stop-shop for all type of afloat and underwater inspections and repairs on both sides of the Panama Canal. We attend an average of 800 to 1000 ships annually on 24/7 basis.